Let’s talk Privacy and Net Neutrality for a minute, fellow Vagabonds.

If, like me, you like tech, the internet and related culture, you will find these topics over and over again.

We have long lost our digital privacy; many of us just didn’t know it yet or were / are in denial.

Remember the proposal to implant chips underneath our skin? That was a bit too much, right? So instead they made chipping our pets mandatory. Voila! The government can still trace your steps by doing the math.

Fast forward to today. Tracking cookies are nothing new but with the Republicans in control we are going to see a number of things: the rollback of the FCC rules implemented during the Obama administration which leaves our browsing behavior data up for sale to the highest bidder and the demise of Net Neutrality because cable companies / ISPs will favor their own acquired companies over their competitors, including the small innovative companies that the Googles, Facebooks, Instagrams and Twitters of this world once were.

If, like me, you like your privacy then you should really use a VPN, even though this is only a small step towards taking back control of our privacy. The GPS signal can still track our location. Ads will still be targeted using that data. We might as well just accept it right? WRONG!

We must make one last stand to preserve the last bits of our digital privacy. So turn on those VPNs, at least browse in private windows, turn on Location Services only when necessary and let’s walk knowing that we can still do our thing to some degree….

Update 01/03/2017: for the sake of completeness, here’s an interesting article on anonymity.

Let’s keep walking Vagabonds