What’s good fellow Vagabonds?

My whole world turned upside down 7 weeks ago when my vision started deteriorating.

From one moment to the next I became visually impaired and can now no longer do IT work for instance.

I set up a GoFundMe to help bridge the gap between now and term-time in order to continue my studies at SOAS.

You see, all these events strengthened my resolve. I’m pursuing a path that will enable me to work regardless of my eye problems. I will remain independent and most importantly i would enjoy the work.

What is this path? The path of becoming an Ethnomusicologist specializing in the music genres that I love: this includes but is not limited to Hip-Hop, Jazz and Korean traditional drum music.

I’m doing my best to remain positive and to stay focused on moving forward.

Definitely to be continued!

Keep walking Vagabonds