Hello World! What’s good?

I’ll be updating this section bi-weekly. I’ll be talking about life, music, tech and anything that caught my attention. Sometimes I’ll be short and sweet, sometimes it will be longer.

Many of you will know me, many of you will not. For those who do not, allow me to tell you a bit about who and what I am.

I was born in Cheorwon, Gangwon-Do, South Korea, adopted to the Netherlands where I grew up and am now based in London, UK.

Music has always played a big role in my life. I started playing the piano at age 6, moved from Classical to Jazz/improv piano at age 12, debuted as an MC at age 16,  and at age 25 I played all over the Netherlands with various bands and went on to play at B’estival, ROMExpo, Bucharest, Romania. Then I learned the art of recording, mixing and mastering and worked with a number of NL and US artists which you can read about in the other sections of this site.

My wife and I moved to the UK in 2011. I studied for and got an MA in Audio Production to top off my experience. During this time I picked up DJ’ing again which I did a few times back in the Netherlands.

I worked with several UK artists from a number of studios here in London, including MVLS and Soho Studios through a management company but I am now a free agent again.

And a variety of gigs came my way. Many more will come this year!

I am still very much on a journey. The road has been very long but there are many many miles ahead. I hope a number of you will join this Vagabond. Because that’s what we all will be known by. Vagabonds.

Anyway, feel free to leave me a message in the About Me page.

Let’s walk Vagabonds